Thursday, January 11, 2024

309: Void

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 309 features an interview with Matt Jarman of Void.

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The members of Void (also known as The Unsearchable Void) describe their music as a "chaotic mess" in which "there's no wrong answers". Since their beginnings as an industrial black metal project, their progressive mindset has become more apparent over the years - though there is still an undeniable black metal influence on their music.

I spoke with vocalist/guitarist Matt Jarman about why black metal's second wavers strove for individuality, and how ADD is a songwriting tool for Void. We also discussed how a night playing with Dødheimsgard led to the current Void line-up, and why creating the latest Void album Jadjow was so much fun.

My thanks again to Matt for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Where Red Limbs Stir"
"Ego Tranquilizer"
taken from the album VOID

"When Lucifer Dies"
"Self Isolation"
taken from the album Jadjow

"IV: Imminent Demise - The Black Iron Prison"
taken from the album The Hollow Man

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Jadjow on CD [via Brucia Records]

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