Sunday, October 29, 2023

299: Gravesend

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 299 features an interview with Gravesend.

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Gravesend's no-frills mix of death, grind, and war metal immediately had a fan in me. Their songs are hard-hitting and devoid of fluff - even as they're accompanied by noise and unsettling synth parts.

I spoke with the members of Gravesend (who are referred to by the initials A, S, and G) about how their sound is a reflection of living in New York, and why they chose to play instruments they usually don't for this band. We also spoke about why they'll probably always be a trio, and why they headed to Philadelphia to record their latest album Gowanus Death Stomp.

My thanks to Gravesend for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


"Scum Breeds Scum"
"End of the Line"
taken from the EP Preparations for Human Disposal

"The Grave's End"
"Methods Of Human Disposal"
taken from the EP Methods Of Human Disposal

"Streets Of Destitution"
"Gowanus Death Stomp"
"Make (One's) Bones"
"Festering In Squalor"
taken from the album Gowanus Death Stomp

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