Tuesday, June 6, 2023

280: Liquid Flesh

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 280 features an interview with Paul "Putrid Bruce" Brousse and Luc "Gastric Luke" Messina of Liquid Flesh.

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Originally inspired by the brutal simplicity of bands like Autopsy and Pungent Stench, as well as cult body horror films, Grenoble's Liquid Flesh have evolved to include more complex song structures and psychedelic influences. As is common with French death metal bands, finding their own voice takes precedence over playing within the confines of a genre.

I spoke with vocalist/bassist Paul "Putrid Bruce" Brousse and guitarist/founder Luc "Gastric Luke" Messina about how the band's sound evolved from their primitive origins, and why there's no place for worship in the French metal scene. We also discussed why their third album Dolores came together in front of a screen instead of in their rehearsal space, and how the album was composed like a screenplay.

My thanks again to Paul and Luc for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

taken from the album Spontaneous Liquefaction

taken from the album Chair Liquide

"Dose Létale Médiane"
"Cauchemar Blanc"
taken from the album Dolores

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