Tuesday, July 4, 2023

catching up with Giöbia

Giöbia are part of a long tradition of Italian psychedelic rock, which the Milanese band continue through their own brand of heavy and hypnnotic music. Their sixth album Acid Disorder was recently released through Heavy Psych Sounds. I reached out to the band to find out what they've been up to since our last interview; vocalist/keyboardist Melissa Crema was kind enough to answer my questions.

Dreams of Consciousness: Please introduce your band - who are you, and how would you describe the music of Giöbia?

I would say that Giöbia is a psychedelic rock band, basically; based in the North of Italy (in Milan, where we live). Our current lineup consists of me, Melissa Crema - I play keyboards, organs, synthesizers, and I also sing. And we have Stefano Basurto (also known as "Bazu") on guitars and stringed instruments (like sitar, bouzouki, and saz); and his brother, Paulo Basurto, on bass guitar; and finally, Pietro D'ambrosio on drums.

As for describing our music, Giöbia creates a blend of psychedelic rock infused with elements of kraut rock/space rock, but also electronic music, and of course experimental sounds. Our music aims to transport the listener on a kind of sonic journey, incorporating hypnotic rhythms, synths and atmospheric textures.

photo by Stefano Masselli

DoC: What brought Giöbia together? What were your goals at the time?

Giöbia was brought together by a shared passion for creative, immersive and mind-expanding music. The band initially formed in the early 2000's, driven by a desire to explore the boundaries of psychedelia, and pay homage to the sounds of the Sixties and the Seventies, first of all. Our goals at the time were to craft a unique sound identity, push the boundaries of our creativity, and also connect with listeners on a deep level through our music.

DoC: How does a Giöbia song start, and who does it start with? When you start a song, how clear of an idea of what you want the end result to be?

It usually starts with a collaborative effort. It often begins with Bazu bringing in a riff or melodic idea that serves as a foundation. And from there we work together - we shape the song structures and develop its sound landscape. The process is very organic, with each band member contributing their musical ideas and perspectives. And while we may have a general direction in mind when starting a song, we also embrace the spontaneity and the evolution that can occur during the creative process.

DoC: Both Melissa and Bazu take turns handling vocals. How do you decide who will sing on a particular song?

The decision on who sings a particular song usually depends on the overall vibe and atmosphere we want to convey. But I think we both bring unique vocal styles to the table, and we select which one of us should sing based on what best suits the mood and intention of the song. Sometimes it's our collective decision, and other times it becomes clear during the early stages of song development who should take the lead.

DoC: On April 28th, you released a new album through Heavy Psych Sounds called Acid Disorder. Tell me about this album - when did you start working on these songs? How would you compare this album to your last album, Plasmatic Idol? Did you want to do anything new/different from before?

Our new album Acid Disorder has been, I would say, a labor of love that we began working on a couple of years ago. This album represents a progression and exploration of new territories while still maintaining the essence of Giöbia.

Compared to our previous album Plasmatic Idol, Acid Disorder incorporates a heavier use of synthesizers creating an ethereal and immersive sonic landscape. We wanted to challenge ourselves and experiment with new sounds, while still staying true to the psychedelic core that defines our music.

DoC: Where did you go to record the album, and who was responsible for the recording/engineering? Who mastered the album, and what would you say they brought to your sound?

We chose Elfo Studio in Piacenza (which is quite close to Milan, where we live in Italy) for the recording of Acid Disorder, because we felt it was the perfect environment to capture the essence of our music. The studio has a great selection of vintage equipment and a very relaxed atmosphere that allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the creative process.

We worked with a talented sound engineer, Daniele Mandelli, who helped us achieve the sound we envisioned; and for the mastering, we collaborated with Giovanni Versari from La Maestà Studio. He brought his expertise and understanding of our aesthetic, and oversaw the final mix, adding a polished touch to the album.

DoC: You just completed a short tour in support of the album. When was the last time you got to play live before this tour? How important is playing live for Giöbia?

Well, playing live is of utmost importance for Giöbia - it's where our music truly comes alive and connects with the audience on a visceral level. The last time we had the opportunity to go on a proper tour, it was unfortunately disrupted due to the pandemic. For now, we are incredibly excited to get back on stage and share our music with our fans and friends.

The energy exchange and the collective experience of live performances are unparalleled. We are really grateful to have the chance to immerse ourselves in that atmosphere once again after such a long time off the stage.

photo by Stefano Masselli

DoC: How can people order the album?

So if you want to order our album Acid Disorder, you can just visit our Bandcamp page. Our music is available in various formats, including ultra limited vinyl versions, and the more classic black vinyl released by our label Heavy Psych Sounds; as well as digipack CDs, tapes, and of course digital formats as well.

We deeply appreciate the continued support we are receiving from people close to us, and also from people from the other side of the world. And we hope that our audience will really enjoy this new album and will embark on a psychedelic journey with us.

Thanks for your time and cheers to everyone listening. We hope to see you all around very very soon.


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