Wednesday, May 10, 2023

276: Deathgrave

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 276 features an interview with Fern Alberts of Deathgrave.

[cover photo by Myron Fung]

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Originally formed by a group of friends to play classic anarcho-punk, Deathgrave eventually morphed into one of the more thoughtful and original deathgrind bands to emerge from the Bay Area. It doesn't hurt that their guitarist is producer Greg Wilkinson, who is both a Grammy award winner and a current member of Autopsy (quite a pair of accomplishments).

I spoke with Deathgrave bassist Fern Alberts about where Deathgrave's discordance and odd time signatures come from, and what musical styles wouldn't make their way into one of their songs. We also discussed the band in-joke that led to the title of the latest Deathgrave album, It's Only Midnight, and the imaginary neighbourhood where Deathgrave's lyrics take place.

My thanks again to Fern for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Seeping Through The Shoebox"
"This Is What You Get Pt. 2"
taken from the album So Real, It's Now

"Tony's Deli"
"Lonely Streets"
taken from the album It's Only Midnight

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