Sunday, January 15, 2023

261: Jerry A. Lang

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 261 features an interview with Jerry A. Lang.

[photo by J.A. Areta Goñi (JUXE)]

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photo by J.A. Areta Goñi (JUXE)

Jerry A. Lang shouldn't need an introduction - as the vocalist and founder of Poison Idea, he's a seminal figure in the history of American hardcore. Over 40 years have passed since he began, and he's still releasing new music, as well as books about his life and experiences.

I spoke with Jerry about the early years of the punk scene in Portland OR, and his working relationship with Poison Idea's late guitarist Pig Champion. We discussed the variety of styles and contributors on Jerry's solo album From The Fire Into The Water, and why writing his autobiography Black Heart Fades Blue was cleansing.

My thanks to Jerry for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

Poison Idea: "Drug Revival"
taken from the EP Get Loaded & Fuck

Poison Idea: "Novelty"
taken from the album Latest Will And Testament

Poison Idea: "The Butcher"
Decimation Front: "The Art of the Steal"
taken from the album From The Fire Into The Water

Poison Idea: "Taken By Surprise"
taken from the album Feel The Darkness

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