Sunday, November 13, 2022

252: Defleshed

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 252 features an interview with Gustaf Jorde of Defleshed.

[cover photo by Evelina Szczesik for EveR Vision Art]

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Even in the crowded Swedish metal scene, there isn't another band quite like Defleshed. The band's alchemy of thrashy riffs and grindcore beats made them distinct from both the buzzsaw guitars of the Stockholm scene and the classical melodies of the one in Gothenberg. Quiet since Reclaim The Beat was released back in 2005, the band is back with a new album that's as blistering and precise as any of their other releases.

I spoke with bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde about what led to Defleshed's long hiatus, and how plans for an unreleased boxed set convinced the trio to reunite. We also discussed why a looming deadline added flavour to the band's latest album Grind Over Matter, and how the time away restored their hunger.

My thanks again to Gustaf for speaking with me, and to you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Fast Forward"
taken from the album Fast Forward

"Fleshless and Wild"
taken from the Fleshless and Wild 7"

"Blast Beast"
"Grind Over Matter"
taken from the album Grind Over Matter

"May The Flesh be With You"
taken from the album Reclaim The Beat

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