Friday, October 28, 2022

At the Movies with Skullshitter

As part of my annual "31 Days of Horror" tradition, I watched the recent indie film We're All Going to the World's Fair. The film has a very unexpected metal connection: A shirt from DoC friends Skullshitter is featured prominently throughout, and in an extended dance sequence no less. Skullshitter guitarist/vocalist Sean Walsh filled me in on how this grindcore/horror crossover came about.

Dreams of Consciousness: Hey Sean, it's been about 6 months since we spoke. What have you been up to since then? Seen any good movies lately?

Hey Adrian, great to reconnect. I've been well - right about to record a "solo" record with Mike Nichols, a percussionist who was featured on the song 'Smoke Break' from Goat Claw, the last Skullshitter LP. I did see a cool movie recently, Stalker, the older Russian movie - it was incredible. HBOMax has had a bunch of good movies lately and I've been crossing off a bunch of classics that I never got around to.

DoC: I recently watched the indie horror film We're All Going to the World's Fair, and a Skullshitter shirt was featured prominently throughout. How did this come about? When/how did the filmmakers reach out to you? Did they explain why they wanted the lead character to wear that shirt?

I was playing bass in a punk band called LSDeity a few years back with a good friend of mine, Carib, who is a big Skullshitter supporter. He brought a friend of his named Will through to practice one day and we got introduced - Will was also a Skullshitter fan and we communicated a little bit about a radio show he was working on.

A few years passed, and Will was now working in film and had joined the World's Fair team. I'm not sure exactly why they wanted Anna Cobb to be wearing the shirt - but when Will reached out he described the movie as a psychedelic internet horror movie, so I could make the assumption that they were into our psychedelic attributes. They asked if we would be interested in having the shirt in the movie and offered to buy / talk about licensing. Luckily Rob, our drummer, has a sixth sense around community building and his immediately reaction was: "We'll donate the shirt, waive licensing, let's just help them out and hope for the best."

The film crew was really great to work with honestly, they were really enthusiastic about us - they even thanked me and the band in the credits which was really touching for me personally; I'm a huge film fan so getting your name in the credits was really awesome.

DoC: The shirt is featured in an awkward/amusing dance sequence. Did you know about this beforehand? What was the reaction to seeing it from you and your bandmates?

We had no idea what was going on in the movie, but that scene is wild! Personally, my favorite scene with regard to the shirt is just the opening sequence - it's super creepy and I love the framing of the bedroom. I do remember Ryan's reaction when he saw it - he thought that Anna Cobb was really terrifying in that scene when she starts screaming.

DoC: Where can people buy that shirt? Is it sold out yet? Is Skullshitter officially too cool for this blog?

The shirt is sold out, it was a shirt we printed for our tour in 2019 with Bleeding Out to support our split LP with them. We've never reprinted a shirt and don't have plans to start. Rob always wants the shirts to be special and unique so we haven't done any reprints.

DoC: With the dance scene in question, does Skullshitter have a Tik Tok page? Will there be a Skullshitter Tik Tok challenge? I'm doing my part to start one.

We're not on TikTok, but I did get a Google alert about it and I think someone took the name. Good luck to them!

DoC: Any plans for Halloween?

Not for me personally, probably just stay in and watch a horror movie. I'm excited to see Barbarian!

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