Sunday, July 3, 2022

233: Axioma

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 233 features an interview with Axioma.

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Axioma are a study in contrasts. Flowing black/death riffs jut up against jagged noise rock rhythms; just as the listener is acclimating to the band's love of dissonance, the discordance gives way to an expected amount of melody.

I spoke with guitarists Cyril Blandino and Justin Meyers, and bassist/vocalist Aaron Dallison about why dynamics are an important part of Axioma's sound, and why a lead vocalist would be a poor fit for the band. We also discussed why their new album Sepsis is more dynamic and complex than anything they've done previously.

My thanks to Cyril, Justin, and Aaron for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Cult of Moloch"
"Sacred Killing Machine"
taken from the album Crown

"The Tower"
"Emptiness of Anguish"
taken from the album Sepsis

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Sepsis on vinyl (through the Translation Loss webstore) (Justin's visual art)

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