Friday, June 17, 2022

catching up with Bedsore

It's been 2 years since Bedsore were last on this site, and the Roman quartet have returned with a new split alongside Tokyo's Mortal Incarnation. The album shows both bands flexing their compositional skills; Bedsore's contribution is a 16 minute opus that takes the listener on a journey through their unique style of giallo-inspired psychedelic death metal. Vocalist/guitarist Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe answered my questions about this latest release and what the band has planned for the future.

Dreams of Consciousness: The last time we last spoke was in 2020 before your Hypnagogic Hallucinations album was released. What have you been up to since then?

Since Hypnagogic Hallucination was released, 2 years ago, we mainly focused on finalizing the song included in our new split and on the songwriting for our second full-length. Moreover, we have been preparing [for] our first European tour, which has been postponed several times until last spring. These delays, though, have not just been something negative: working both on the studio side and on the live one allowed us to reach a better definition of roles inside the group as well as to understand what we want to achieve as a band.

The writing process of the new music has indeed influenced our live performances. The result has been striking and we managed to bring live an extremely intense show, with the “old” songs reinterpreted in a new spirit. We truly think that one of the main purposes of live music consists in providing to the audience a unique experience, different from the one that can be enjoyed in a studio production.

DoC: Bedsore has a new split out now with Tokyo's Mortal Incarnation. How did this split come about? Why did you decide to team up with Mortal Incarnation for this release? What would you say the two bands have in common?

The idea of this split LP was born back in 2019, even before the release of Hypnagogic Hallucinations. The choice of working together has been genuinely made from both the parties, as there’s reciprocal appreciation and friendship between the two bands.

I think that both Bedsore and Mortal Incarnation share a certain progressive vision of music, aimed at the experimentation, which is a specific interpretation of music beyond the definition of musical genres.

DoC: Your side of the split is the 16 minute track "Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space". Tell me about this song - when did you start working on it? What were your intentions for this track?

We mean this song as an artistic manifesto of what we want to present to the audience from now on, and of what the band is capable of.

Actually, the writing process of this song started when we were releasing our first self-titled demo, so its creation progress has been really long. For sure, it’s the result of at least three years of arduous work, between composition, trial stages and tracking each line. And it’s just a glimpse of what we’ll present in our next album. Synthesizers and Hammond drivings, rich arrangements and a more organic approach between us as a band are the rock elements that will be taking more and more space in our music, shaping our own way to play and compose.

DoC: Where was "Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space" recorded? What were the sessions like? Why did you choose to work with Damian Herring from Horrendous for this recording?

Our singer and guitarist Jacopo is a sound engineer too, so “Shapes from Beyond the Veil of Stars and Space” was recorded in its entirety with him behind the studio desk, with the crucial help of Stefano [Allegretti, guitarist/vocalist] in the arrangement steps, except for the drums that were recorded at the Snakes Studio of Guglielmo Nodari. Entrusting the mix and master duties to Damian Herring was a decision that the two bands made together, since we both appreciated many of his previous works, being convinced that he would have been one of the most suitable persons to take part in this project. In fact, his experience turned out to be significant during the mixing process.

Another leading figure who took part in the production of this release is Nikos Giagkoudakis, our manager and FOH, who gave us a fundamental help in understanding how to manage every single part within the mix, always taking care of the song’s overall image.

photo by Francesco Maria Pepe

DoC: What's next for you?

We’re taking some days of break to completely recover from our last European tour in May. Moreover, in July, our drummer Davide [Itri] will be covering the drum duties for Devoid of Thought in their tour with Artificial Brain, so we’ll stay still for a few weeks more. Regarding the future, we have some shows and festivals scheduled for this summer, but our plan is to devote ourselves to the finalization of our new full-length, always keeping an eye to the chances that will come on the live side. From early 2023 we’ll get back to work hard in this regard too.

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