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catching up with Narbeleth

A lot has happened since DoC friends Narbeleth were last interviewed on this blog (almost a decade ago!!!): The project relocated from Cuba to Spain, released a slew of albums, and expanded its roster to include a full-time drummer. Their latest release, Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana, came out in June of 2021. Founder/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Lord Dakkar was kind enough to fill me in on all these developments.

Dreams of Consciousness: It's been 10 years since the last time Narbeleth was on Dreams of Consciousness - what have you been up to since then?

Hey! Yes, it´s been a while. Well, regarding to Narbeleth and abbreviating a little bit, I have released 4 more albums, played some festivals in Europe, and moved to Galicia, Spain in 2018.

DoC: Your latest album is called Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana. Where did you record it? What were your intentions for this album? How would you compare it to your earlier albums, such as Diabolus Incarnatus and A Hatred Manifesto?

This is the very first Narbeleth album recorded entirely outside Cuba. The drums were recorded in the studio room of the place where we have our rehearsal bunker; the rest [was recorded] in our rehearsal place. I sent the tracks to be mixed and mastered at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, by friend and talented engineer Javi Bastard.

My intentions are always the same since I started Narbeleth back in 2008: to make Black Metal. My vision of this art has not changed, and I consider myself a purist when it comes to the music I create. Therefore, the core intentions for this album are still the same. Compared to the earliest works, it maintains the same spirit, but of course it´s different in other aspects, and I guess this is something normal when you contrast recordings with years of difference.

DoC: Folter Records released Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana, as well as your previous 3 albums (A Hatred Manifesto, Through Blackness and Remote Places, and Indomitvs). How did they get in contact with you? Why were they the right choice to release Narbeleth's music?

When I was recording A Hatred Manifesto, I prepared a promo with 2 songs, and began to look for a label to release this album. I got an answer from Folter Records. They were interested in releasing my music. We have built a strong alliance and maintain a great relationship, professionally and personally speaking. It´s a cult label, and their view on Metal is the same [as mine]. They are honest and transparent. What more can I ask for?

DoC: Since the last time I interviewed you, you've relocated to Spain. What brought about this move, and how does your new home base impact Narbeleth in terms of visibility, promotion, etc.?

It was a personal decision, but of course Narbeleth benefits from [the move], as you correctly pointed [out] before. I have resources that I can use for Narbeleth and never had before in Cuba - simple things like having a rehearsal place, getting equipment, recording, or being able to play [live] in a variety of places.

DoC: For the last two albums, you've worked with Vindok on drums. How did Vindok end up joining you in Narbeleth? Does working with a live drummer affect your songwriting or recording - if so, how?

I meet Vindok back in 2014, the very first time I came to Europe. He was playing in Sartegos back then, and I was in contact with Rou, the main man behind this band. So I got to know Vindok through him. We got along very well and forged a great friendship. So I invited him to record the drums on Indomitvs and he accepted. After that, I moved here and we live in the same city, a couple of streets away. Because of our great relationship and his engagement with Narbeleth, I decided to make him a permanent member. Nevertheless, I'm still composing and writing all [the music] as always and it has not changed.

DoC: What's next for you?

I´m composing material for the next album, and we´re rehearsing for shows to come; hoping that this year things can get back to normal. Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana can be ordered in Digip├ák and LP from the Folter Records webshop and Narbeleth´s Bandcamp.

Thank you for the interview. To all Narbeleth´s followers around the globe, I appreciate your support!!!

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