Sunday, August 29, 2021

193: Deformatory

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 193 features an interview with Charlie Leduc of Deformatory.

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Deformatory and Dreams of Consciousness have a history that goes back to the earliest years of this blog. For almost a decade, the band have catered to my love of frantic, blastbeat-driven Canadian death metal, while also patiently indulging my references to maple syrup and The Kids In The Hall.

I spoke with singer/guitarist Charlie Leduc about what Deformatory have been up to since the last time they were on this blog, and how their music takes listeners on a journey. We also discussed their impending third album, Inversion of the Unseen Horizon, getting Cryptopsy's Jon Levasseur to contribute to the recording, and why concept albums fill a innate human need to tell stories.

My thanks to Charlie for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

taken from the album Malediction

taken from the Deformatory/The Blood Of Christ split Bilateral Carnage

"Summoning The Cosmic Devourer"
"Beyond The Abhorrence"
"Impaled Upon The Carrionspire "
taken from the upcoming album Inversion of the Unseen Horizon

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