Sunday, June 6, 2021

182: Vreid

Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 182 features an interview with Jarle Hváll Kvåle of Vreid.

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Emerging from the dissolution of Windir, Vreid has continued the eclecticism of their previous band by fusing mid-paced tempos, classic metal melodies, and a progressive rock mentality into more traditional Norwegian black metal. Their music is often referred to as "Sognametal" - a reference to the band's home in Sogndal.

I spoke with founder/bassist Jarle Hváll Kvåle about the band's history, and the musical links that connect Windir to Vreid. We also talked about the concept behind their latest release, Wild North West, and the 8 part video/film created in conjunction with the album.

My thanks to Jarle for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.

Music In This Episode:

"Way of the Serpent"
taken from the album Welcome, Farewell

"Storm Frå Vest"
taken from the album Sólverv

"Wild North West"
"Into the Mountains"
taken from the album Wild North West

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Wild North West link tree (stream/purchase the album)

Wild North West film for purchase/rent (through Vimeo)

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