Sunday, November 29, 2020

Episode 158: Azarath

Here is Dreams of Consciousness Podcast Episode 158, featuring an interview with Marcin Skullripper of Azarath.

[cover photo by Aleksander Ikaniewicz]

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photo by Aleksander Ikaniewicz

"This isn't some kind of melodic death metal," Marcin Skullripper says with a chuckle. An understatement, indeed - with their ferocious riffing, insanely fast blastbeats, and lurching Immolation-isms, his band Azarath may be the heaviest one to appear on this podcast.

Marcin spoke with me about how he ended up filling the vacant guitarist/vocalist spot in Azarath, and the sonic character that unifies Polish death metal bands. We also discussed his contributions to the latest Azarath album, Saint Desecration, and how this album compares to their previous releases.

My thanks to Marcin for speaking with me, and to all of you for listening.


"I Hate Your Kind"
taken from the album Praise The Beast

"No Salvation"
"Sancta Dei Meretrix "
"Life is Death, Death is Life"
taken from the album Saint Desecration

"Screamin' Legions Death Metal"
taken from the album Diabolic Impious Evil

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