Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bandcamp Picks 185: Blattaria, Blut Aus Nord, Mystagos, Qayin Regis

Perhaps the most overlooked project to emerge from the Fallen Empire roster, the enigmatic (and pest-obsessed) Blattaria are back with their third album. Another paean to the mankind's eventual successors, Life Is A Disease weaves tales of roach superiority through a discordant mix of death, black and grind. Like the insects the project is named for, this is a glimpse into our bleak and disturbing future. [Name your price.]

Few bands are as comfortable ignoring metal's self-imposed limitations as France's Blut Aus Nord. Blending post-punk and black metal, the tellingly entitled Hallucinogen is shamelessly psychedelic, using repetitive guitar lines to hypnotic effect, and burying Vindsval's vocals so deep in the mix they register as little more than echoed whispers. Though not as ambitious (or as electronic) as they were during their 777 era, the band's deconstruction of the genre continues unabated. [€7.77]

Sweden's Reveal! join their countrymen Morbus Chron and Tribulation by abandoning the kvlt kids in favor of avant craziness. Their third album Scissorgod channels Seventies prog, krautrock, and horror soundtracks for an unsettling, unpredictable, multi-dimensional album that makes the rare appearances of old school blackened thrash that much more affecting. [€6.90]

One-man band Mystagos are part of a surging Spanish black metal scene, whilst blatantly wearing the influence of its Scandinavian forebears. Their second album Azoth displays a deep love for True Norwegian Black Metal (in particular, Euronymous' no-frills riffing),  before edging into avant/prog territory with simple chord progressions, scale-climbing basslines and spooky quasi-chanting. A surprisingly well-rounded take on "kvlt". [€5.99]

Fellow Spaniards Qayin Regis imbue their blackened death metal with dollops of atmosphere. Over the course of four long tracks, their debut Doctrine makes it clear that the Madrid band are as menacing during their slower and quieter passages as they are with unfettered blasts. [€6]