Saturday, June 8, 2019

Bandcamp Picks - Nebula, Duel, 1782, Faerie Ring

Nebula are back with their first album in 10 years, and the fifth in a career that's spanned 20. The unfortunately titled Holy Shit sees the beloved stoner rock band doing what they do best - keeping it retro with fuzzed out, psychedelic odes to drugs and girls. Party like it's 1969. [€9]

Austin's Duel are still living in the past on their third album. More restrained and assured than its predecessors, Valley Of Shadows eases off the doomy roots metal of previous albums, wrapping the band's Thin Lizzy obsession around Tom Frank's soulful croon. This valley gets plenty of sun. [$8]

Italian duo 1782 are all about two things: Witches and doom. Their eponymous debut turns in seven simple, trudging songs, with Hammond organs complimenting their Saint Vitus-like riffing nicely. Organs and doom go together like witches and pyres; it's a combination the band should focus on in the future. [€8.50]

Don't be fooled by their name - Indiana's Faerie Ring are no twee lightweights. The Clearing is heavier than anything currently on the Rise Above label, Iommi-spawned riffs oscillating between coiled menace and crushing release. These faeries wear heavy boots of lead, I tell you no lie. [$5]