Sunday, April 21, 2019

Mixtape 85 - Cult Leader

Here is the 85th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Cult Leader from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I caught up with Cult Leader before their set at Rumah Api. We talked about how their South East Asia tour came about, their writing process, and the recording of their last album A Patient Man. We also spent some time discussing the past reputation of the Salt Lake City scene, and the nature of that scene now. It was a good chat, and one of the best podcasts I've done this year.

My thanks to the members of Cult Leader for speaking with me, and to you for listening.


Suffer Louder
Hate Offering
taken from the album Lightless Walk

Share My Pain
Isolation in the Land of Milk and Honey
Curse of Satisfaction
The Broken Right Hand of God
taken from the album A Patient Man

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