Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bandcamp Picks - Night Hag, Unendlich, Vesication, Draghkar

If Disma's dodgy politics left a bad taste in your mouth, allow Virginia's NIGHT HAG to wash it right out. Insemination Rites Of The Succubus shifts between blastbeats and mid-paced thrashing but feeling most at ease slowing things to an ominous crawl. A short but solid addendum to the doomy death metal charter. [$5.55]

Somehow I doubt Baltimore's UNENDLICH are vying for a spot on your denim vest. Thanatophobia is an extremely assured take on blackened death metal, casting aside the genre's retromania to deliver grandiose melodies, catchy hooks and - gasp - clean vocals; a different kind of blasphemy than what purists are comfortable with. Real heretics burn dogma, not churches. [$6.66]

Depite being a humorless scold, I couldn't help but be amused by the scatalogical deathgrind of Toronto's VESICATION. Celebrating ten extremely juvenle years, A Decade Of Damage starts off with a sample from Pastor Martin Ssempa (the "eat the poo-poo" guy) and sticks to the slam playbook religiously. A perfect marriage of toilent humour and sewer pipe vocals. [$6.66]

DRAGHKAR have been busy since forming in 2016, releasing two splits and an EP in the short time they've been around. Eternal Abyss compiles those early recordings, allowing new fans to get up to speed on the band's extremely old school mix of death, thrash, black and grind. How old school is it? It sat behind Hellhammer in the third grade. [$6.66]