Monday, March 18, 2019

Bandcamp Picks - Misery Index, Noisem, Berkowitz, Thetan

After an underwhelming last outing, Misery Index have returned (sort of) to form. Focusing on their knack for killer hooks (a vestigial remnant of their slam origins), Rituals of Power shows a more mature and musical side to the band - who can still bloody noses when they want to (as on "I Disavow", which was released as a 7" single last year). I miss the old Misery Index, who blew away most of their peers with their effortless blend of speed and musicianship; but this is still a damn enjoyable album. [$9.99]

Six years since their debut, with most of their line-up departing in the interim, Noisem arrive at their third album as a road-hardened trio. With Cease To Exist, the band keep things raucous, rarely pausing to catch a breath as they blitz from one power violence-inflected death metal song to another. Noisem may have lost most of their members, but they have yet to lose their rough edges. [$6.66]

Virginia's Berkowitz take deathgrind back to its filthy roots. On their debut World Gone To Shit, the band pair their straight forward guitar/drums assault with gurgling vocals that have all the sophistication of a backed up drain. Bring a plunger. [$6.66]

Opportunity is the B-side of crisis for Nashville duo Thetan, who chose to remain a bass and drum duo when they lost their guitarist. Abysmal is so abrasive that the extra strings are never missed, creating a racket that is as bleak as it is rumbley. Basses to break faces. [$6.66]