Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bandcamp Picks - Body Void, Oreyeon, Niggght, The Devil and the Almighty Blues

For the past few years, Body Void have been a reliable source of ultra-heavy sludge metal - but they've really outdone themselves with their newest release. You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us is a two-song screed against encroaching fascism, pairing the band's thick-as-molasses riffs with a palpable fury that makes their music more immediate than it's ever been. Make a stand or be swept away. [$5]

Italian quartet Oreyeon are the Josh Homme/Matt Pike collaboration that never happened. Not lacking for dynamics or catchy hooks, Ode To Oblivion stands out by drowning the band's pop impulses in overdriven fuzz. Taking desert rock to a whole new low [end]. [€8.50]

Formed by members of sludge fiends Dopethrone, Montreal's Niggght give sleazy a good name. Their debut EP Violent Delicacy delivers menacing gothabilly with a twanging sincerity that would make Johnny Cash shiver. The soundtrack to slamming tequila shots in a graveyard. [Name your price]

I must have been in a funny mood when I heard The Devil and the Almighty Blues; on paper, the Oslo band's slow, bluesy roots rock has nothing that I'd typically associate with this blog. But their third album Tre worked its way into this hesher's heart - perhaps by recalling the more introspective moments of Sky Valley, perhaps by pulling off the twin-lead guitar thing in a way that I don't think I've heard before. Blues to leave bruises. [€7]