Sunday, September 23, 2018

Mixtape 62 - J.R. Fritsch

Here is the 62nd installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with J.R. Fritsch of Seratus Ribu Records.

James Russell Fritsch and I have been in the same room several times in the last 20 years without knowing it. As the projectionist for Meatjack, he was responsible for the visuals that played during the band's performances. I saw Meatjack regularly during my college days, and while I never met James personally, his contributions were a large part of the band's appeal.

James and I were officially introduced earlier this year when Third Culture Kings played KL as part of their South East Asian tour (which he helped organize, since he released their debut on his label). He was even present when I interviewed the band. We had a pleasant conversation and exchanged info that night, but at no point did his past band history come up. It was only a few weeks ago when I interviewed Darsombra on their own S.E.A. tour that I found out a member of Meatjack had been operating a label in Bandung - and was in fact the same guy I had met at Tandang in February.

I reconnected with James in Singapore when Darsombra played there, and since he was planning a trip to KL, we made plans to do a podcast together. We hung out on the roof above Tandang Store to talk about the ways our paths have (unknowingly) crossed, his time in Meatjack, how he ended up living in Bandung, and his approach to finding and releasing new artists. It was a rambling conversation filled with good stories about the past - the kind only two aging music nerds could have.

My thanks again to James for taking the time to speak with me, and to you for listening.


Meatjack - Z
Meatjack - You Fuck
taken from the "Three Songs With Mike Hill" sessions

Cream Abdul Babar - Todd Space is my Day Job
taken from the compilation Excavation: 1995-1998

Aluk Todolo - Burial Ground
taken from the album Descension

Ala Muerte - Blight
taken from the split with Coffee Faith

Diehoarse (Seahoarse / To Die collaboration) - Three Songs
taken from the s/t CS Diehoarse

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