Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bandcamp Picks - Beach House, Peach Kelli Pop, Dark Times, Candace

Baltimore duo Beach House are much beloved by Pitchfork types; and to the extent that they introduced me to this whole "dreampop" thing, it's a sentiment I share. Their latest album 7 layers lush synth parts and shimmying guitars over austere electronic beats, with Victoria Legrand's vocals painting a melancholic picture throughout. This is one of the most moving albums I've heard all year. [$10]

After years of lo-fi recordings, Peach Kelli Pop are on the verge of invading the mainstream with their most polished, shamelessly commercial album yet. Gentle Leader fires off 10 short power pop earworms, using the band's irresistible harmonies to Trojan horse lyrics that often hint at darker topics. Bubble gum with a punk aftertaste. [$10 CAD]

Oslo's Dark Times keep it lo-fi but aren't without their pop sympathies. Tell Me What I Need takes the listener on a trip through old Subpop, post-punk, and riot grrrl albums to arrive at a destination that's both retro and timeless at the same time. Dark Times they may be, but I see a bright future ahead. [49 NOK]

Self-described as "witchgaze", Portland OR's Candace will fill that Mazzy Star shaped hole in your heart. New Ruins is a flawless take on shoegazing indie pop that makes the best of its three vocalists and downbeat tempos, resulting in an album that's soothing and unassuming. A triumph of quiet over bombast. [$9]