Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mixtape 47 - Heckler

Here is the 47th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Swiss hardcore punk trio Heckler.

I was hipped to the fact that Heckler was coming to town by their fellow Swiss punks Überyou, who had played KL a few weeks prior. I contacted Heckler (bassist/vocalist Timo, guitarist/vocalist Sandro, and drummer Raphi) as they made their way through South East Asia, and met them at Rumah Api before their set. The band told me that this is one of the first interviews they've done (for which I sincerely apologize).

We talked about the origins of the band, what led to them to touring South East Asia, and bringing their "name your price/pay what you want" philosophy on the road with regards to their merchandise. They also told me about a terrifying gig in Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia, that was disrupted by both machete-wielding religious extremists and machine gun-toting police. The fact that the band still pushed through to the end of their tour is a testament to their dedication.

My thanks again to Timo, Sandro, and Raphi for talking to me, and to you for listening.



Skateboard Rock N Roll
Kill Your Kids
taken from the album 2016 Records

Having Fun

Thrash and Run
taken from the album Heckler

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