Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bandcamp Picks - Altarage, Vassafor, Krallice with Dave Edwardson, Blattaria

Spain's Altarage haven't been around for very long, but are proving to be masters of the new wave of discordant blast. Endinghent, their second album, is alternately blisteringly fast and creepingly slow, with the band's knack for dissonance keeping the listener on edge. Making death metal grate again. [€9]

Over the course of numerous demos, splits, and EPs since the Nineties, Vassafor have been a fixture of New Zealand's increasingly celebrated metal scene. Their second album Malediction heaps the atmosphere upon their filthy (at times surprisingly catchy) style of black metal without losing its evil core. Black and foul to the utmost. [€7.77]

Dave Edwardson's guttural vocals always brought an extra level of menace to Neurosis, so it's about time they were employed by a much heavier band like NY's Krallice. Frenetic and unpredictable, Loüm lets Edwardson's roar intersperse the dizzying progressive black metal that Krallice are known for. It's a testament to the album's ferocity that the bassist from Neurosis is the least metal thing about it. [$7]

The brainchild of Oklahoma-based Manuel Garcia, Blattaria is no run of the mill one-man black metal band. Their self-titled album (actually their second release) splits its time between skronking blasts and short psychedelic interludes, reaching John Zorn levels of neighbour-bothering cacophony. A wildly creative and unorthodox work; I look forward to hearing more from this project in the future. The album is available as a "name your price" download.