Monday, April 10, 2017

Mixtape 36 - Sadist (Boston)

Here is the 36th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Boston punks Sadist.

I met Sadist at Rumah Api, where they were headlining one of Ci Chaan's regular Not-A-Fest shows. I asked if they wanted to do an interview and the whole band (bassist Stormcloud, vocalist Ghost, guitarist Mimic, and drummer TPP) agreed. We did the interview upstairs behind Tandang Store while Malaysian death metal band Lavatory tore it up onstage down below. [You can hear Lavatory's entire set in the background, making this interview the weirdest live bootleg ever.] We discussed the band's South East Asian tour, the scene in Boston, and their feelings about social media, among other topics. We finished the interview with 20 seconds to spare on my digital recorder, and the band were called downstairs just as I was about to hit stop. Perfect timing.

Sadist's live set didn't disappoint. In addition to a good deal of lo-fi chaos, Ghost pulled out a razor blade and proceeded to cut up his chest, Mayhem-style. They're an intense band, to say the least.

My thanks to the guys in Sadist for talking to me, and to you for listening.


Beauty Fades
Minotaur's Maze
The Shadow of the Swastika

all tracks taken from the Blood Song demo

Blood Song through Runstate Tapes

Blood Song/TSOTS EP available through Pissed Off Records (MY)