Friday, April 28, 2017

Catching up with Necrowretch

I first encountered Necrowretch back in 2015 when they were touring South East Asia. It took me a 5 hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur down to Johor Bahru to see them, and their hellish thrashing death metal did not disappoint; neither did the podcast interview we did. Since then, they found a new home with Season of Mist Records, and just released their third album. I checked in with vocalist/guitarist Vlad to find out more.

Dreams of Consciousness: Hi Vlad, it's been a while since we talked. What have you been up to in the last few years?

Vlad : To hell and back! It’s great to talk to you again while our new album just came out a few weeks ago!

DoC: You have a new album out now called Satanic Slavery. What should people expect from it? How does it compare to the previous two Necrowretch albums? If you could sum it up in 5 words, what would they be?

Vlad : This is definitely our best album ever! I mean, of course every band would say the same, but this time we really managed to “catch” all the essence of Necrowretch live and lock it into this album. Just like an evil spirit would be trapped into an old lantern, the devil inside this new album only awaits for your listening to be fully unleashed! So to sum up the album I would rather go for our lyrics sentence: Satanic Slavery, you will never die!

DoC: Satanic Slavery is your first album for Season of Mist records. How did you end up getting signed with them?

Vlad : Our deal with Century Media ended as we felt we might differ on the future of the band. I knew that Season of Mist would fit better for such extreme metal, so I decided to contact them and we quickly inked deal for the future of Necrowretch. It’s also good to work with people from our own country for our new album. We’ve always been apart of all the French scene and it was about time to sit on our homeland seat.

DoC: We met a few years back in Johor Bahru when Necrowretch were on their South East Asia tour. What were your thoughts about the experience? And how soon can we have you back to play the region?

Vlad : It was an amazing experience because of the great shows and also the great hospitality everywhere we went. We were glad to meet metalheads from a different culture and share our twisted music with them, and the reactions were really great. So far we keep very great memories of this tour between all the shows we played. With the new album out, we are planning our return for this year or the year after. 


DoC: Your press release states that Necrowretch is a "worthy heir of Massacra at their heyday" - for those not familiar with Massacra, please talk about who they were and how they inspire Necrowretch (musically or otherwise).

Vlad : MASSACRA was one of the most legendary death metal bands from France and the first three albums are a must-have for any die hard on this earth. Still, we don’t feel connected to them at any way, I see many reviews in which people talks about the old French metal acts, but only to say that Necrowretch comes from the same place. There is an entire generation between us and we never met them, Necrowretch is first of all inspired by Morbid Angel, Death, Sepultura, etc… And we don’t feel bounded or thankful to any French band at all.

DoC: What's next for Necrowretch?

Vlad : Satanic Slavery is out now and available through Season of mist, distributors and as well directly through the band. We are planning to tour a maximum in order to promote this album, with festivals in Europe, then tour in Europe and Asia as well. You have been warned!! See you in hell!!!

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