Friday, March 31, 2017

Bandcamp Picks - Ohhms, Ddent, Hymn, Cloud Catcher

After the patience-testing affair that was their 2015 EP (2 songs with a combined run of half an hour), English downers OHHMS wisely rein themselves in on their debut full-length. The tarot-themed The Fool isn't lacking for long songs, but is much more hook-laden and engaging. Of particular note is the penultimate track "The Lovers", a bass-driven duet that sees frontman Paul Waller trading off with a female guest vocalist. Heartbreak is heavy, man. [£7.99]

French project DDENT aren't short on inspiration with their instrumental concept album. As per its English translation ("Depression"), آكتئاب is bleak, oppressive and unrelenting; but despite being based on Arab psalms, the album is more akin to the icy doom of Scandinavian bands like Swallow the Sun and October Tide, with nary a sun-kissed Middle Eastern melody to lighten the mood. The album is available as a "name your price" download.

Norwegian duo Hymn certainly make the most of their minimal line up. Perish is as heavy as any sludge metal band worth mentioning, but avoids being overly simplistic (or generic) by its clever use of dynamics. Slow and restrained, this is quite unlike what you'd expect from Norwegian metal band. [49 NOK]

Denver's Cloud Catcher are a boon for any air guitar aficionado. What separates Trails of Cosmic Dust from the vast swathes of Seventies/stoner rock bands is guitarist Rory Rummings, who tears up the fretboard with the confident swagger of Iommi or Hendrix in their prime. Self-indulgent, and all the better for it. [$7]