Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bandcamp Picks - Coma Cluster Void, Unmerciful, Grave Desecrator, Ghoul

As implausible as it seems, when I saw Cryptopsy back in 1998, Mike DiSalvo projected his vocals with such force I swore I heard him over the PA. A roar like that is too good to retire, and luckily the man is back fronting pan-continental newcomers Coma Cluster Void. With Mind Cemetaries, the band traverses a math-centric territory somewhere between Gorguts and Meshuggah while DiSalvo experiments with various grunts, growls, and gravelly spoken word performances. Clearly a group with no shortage of talent and ideas. [$8]

Featuring past members of mighty Origin, Unmerciful are not a band to take lightly. Ravenous Impulse shares several strands of DNA with Origin's self-titled debut - namely, a predilection for venomous speed, teeth-rattling blastbeats and fingerprint-obliterating riffs. Less cosmic in scope than their more established friends, but just as enjoyable. [$9]

You can always rely on Brazilian death metal to take no prisoners and give no fucks, and that's certainly true of Grave Desecrator. Dust to Lust, their first album for Season of Mist (and third overall) sees them celebrating Brazil's history of thrashing death metal, particularly early Sepultura and Sarcofago. As per their name, this is a band that lives to dig up the past. [$9.99]

Get a raincoat and a change of clothes - DoC friends Ghoul are back (and presumably hungry). Dungeon Bastards continues the saga of the costumed lunatics and their cannibal antics, one catchy thrash anthem at a time. So much fun, I've forgotten all about them killing and eating me. [$7]