Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bandcamp Picks - Desaster, Sun Worship, UNRU, Krater

At a time when bandwagon-hoppers mindlessly braying "Thrash or Die!" actually had me preferring the latter, Desaster were one of the few bands demonstrating that the genre was capable of more than simple plagiarism. The Oath of an Iron Ritual  throws fast and catchy Teutonic thrash into the fire to give it a keen blackened finish. Nearly 20 years into their career, Desaster may be one of the best examples of a band setting a course and maintaining it no matter how the fickle winds of public taste blow. [$9.99]

Since their previous album Elder Giants is one of my favourites of the last few years, I had high expectations for the return of Berlin's Sun Worship. Thankfully, their new album Pale Dawn is more of the same: Unrelenting, uncompromising black metal delivered with ruthless efficiency. 4 songs in almost 40 minutes and not a second of it wasted. Unglaublich! [€5]

Fellow Berliners UNRU impress with their own 4 song, nearly 40 minute long EP. Buried in the chaos of Als Tier ist der Mensch Nichts is an understanding of how to employ dynamics and minimalism to maximum effect. The murky production, usually a sign that a band is trying to obscure some shoddy performances, in this case elevates the music's avant sensibility. The EP is available as a "name your price" download.

Krater aren't fucking around in their pursuit of total fucking darkness. On the stellar Urere, facemelting speed, killer riffs and malevolent atmospherics are combined for an album that recalls Naglfar at their best. A case could be made that these days Teutonic black metal is as exciting as its Scandinavian cousin. [€6.90]