Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It’s 2016. The new year brings with it new challenges, new beginnings. A time for promises and resolutions.

This is my first week back as a nine-to-fiver. It’s going to be rough for the next few months - most nights I’m going  straight from work to training and only getting back home after midnight. Usually after that I’m too tired to watch a full 22-minute episode of television, much less coalesce my thoughts enough to come up with 500-1000 words of convoluted pontificating.

A few months back I felt this blog started to hit its stride - more interviews, more “think-pieces”. Animation and illustration to set this space apart from everyone else. The only thing missing is the podcast, which takes time to edit, but also (more importantly) someone worth talking to. Those are few and far between in Malaysia, but I have a few things lined up from my last NY trip that I’m excited about. I just need to scrape together some time to put them together and out.

Despite what people might think, writing doesn’t come easily to me. I agonize over word choice and sentence structure. I find the process laborious - as in, akin to labor: The act of giving birth. Messy and painful.

Despite most of my time being pulled elsewhere, I’m resolute that this blog won’t go into shutdown. Being forced away to do other things just reinforces how important this is to me, regardless of how many or how few people read it. Dreams of Consciousness is a dialogue with myself about my musical journey, and the conversation is just getting interesting. Can't stop, won't stop.