Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bandcamp Picks - Amber Asylum, Ego Depths, Nonsun, Lumen et Tenebrae

"Heavy" is an entirely subjective description, but one that's usually tied to distorted guitars. That doesn't have to be the case: For two decades, violinist Kris Force has been an active contributor to the world of heavy music, both through her collaborations with the likes of Neurosis and Today is the Day, and her own (mostly) string ensemble Amber Asylum. Sin Eater, their first album in 6 years, sees them combining their apocalyptic neo-classical approach with sparse guitar lines and power electronics, making for an all around ominous and unsettling listen. One of the most unique and under appreciated acts roaming the borders of the metal landscape. [€6.99]

EGO DEPTHS (newly rebranded OᎮƎDEPTHS; because, sure, why not) would have a place on this blog even if they didn't describe their music as "Fear Emptiness Despair". On Dýrtangle, the mysterious "Stigmatheist" shows he still has a knack for conjuring suffocating claustrophobia; but it's on the quieter moments that you see how far the project has grown from its primitive beginnings. A black hole contemplating the universe before devouring it. [€8.90]

Ukrainian dronelords Nonsun celebrate the new year the best way possible: By drowning it in darkness. Anchored by a thoughtful drum performance, Black Snow Desert sees the duo achieving weightlessness through minimalism, building tension through repetition before everything comes crashing down in doomy fury. Drone that does more than just drone. [$4]

The work of one Matthew Meehan, Lumen et Tenebrae are a fairly new but incredibly prolific instrumental project. Released in December, WTL marries the ambient with the oppressive, verging on funeral doom with some icy keyboards and ominous chords. Simple, but effective. [$5]