Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bandcamp Picks - Tsjuder, Barshasketh, Vacivus, Bone Tomb

The long running and long overlooked Tsjuder have released possibly their best album yet. Their new album Antiliv seethes in the classic second wave fashion that their fellow Norsemen seem to have abandoned, along with some thrash inflections and the occasional Celtic Frost moment. Not an album that will set the world on fire, but some churches may be left with scorch marks. [$9.99]

Originally from New Zealand but since relocated to Scotland, Barshasketh have tilled the ebony soil for some time (as their bandcamp page can attest to). Their latest album Ophidian Henosis is their most mature and accomplished to date, bringing to mind the sweeping melodicism of the mighty Dawn. With the bands that inspired them defunct or dormant, these guys might be in line for succession. [€7 ]

A little while ago I wrote about Dawn of Chaos and hoped aloud that whatever the members got up to next would be as good. Little did I realize that they had already reassembled with a new vocalist as Vacivus, making music as good if not better than their previous incarnation. Their debut EP Rite of Ascension ratchets up the chaos for a sound that's pure evil (and very Immolation). An intriguing beginning to their second act. [£4]

Also worth a listen is Vacivus guitarist Dan Rochester's Bone Tomb. On their debut EP Tombs of Blood you'll find two pristine UKBM songs and a cover of Celtic Frost's "Sorrows of the Moon" that strips the original of Tom Warrior's awkward New Wave affectations but is otherwise faithful to its spirit. [£4]