Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mixtape 16: Chaos in Rumah Api 2

Here is the 16th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, focusing on the upcoming DIY punk and metalfest Chaos in Rumah Api 2. I sat down with the organizers Man Beranak (of Sarjan Hassan, xCrimescenex, WHHIRR, and Annihilation Turbo Kids) and Emi Norazalli (of Tools of the Trade and WHHIRR) to talk about last year's installment, the logistics of organizing an international DIY fest in Kuala Lumpur, and what people can expect from this year's fest.
My thanks to Man and Emi for taking the time to talk to me.

Chaos in Rumah Api 2 Event Page


Rotgut (Malaysia)
"Razored To Death" taken from the split EP with Sete Star Sept
Rotgut on Bandcamp
Rotgut Blog

XRDM (Sabah, Malaysia)
"Toys R Mine" taken from the split EP with No Statik
XRDM on Bandcamp
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13DAS (Malaysia)
"Disguise/Power of Shit" taken from the demo Man-Made Apocalypse
13DAS on Bandcamp

Backlash (Singapore)
"Church Pig" taken from the album Life in A Bigger Prison
Backlash on Bandcamp
Backlash on Facebook

Minus (Singapore)
"Murder Police" taken from the Street Voices compilation
Minus on Facebook

To Hell With You (Singapore)
"I'm Not the Best at Staying Afloat" taken from Demolition Vol:2
To Hell With You on Bandcamp
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Hidden Intent (Australia)
"Good Friday Thrash" taken from the album Walking Through Hell
Hidden Intent on Bandcamp
Hidden Intent on Facebook

Imminent Psychosis (Australia)
 "Arsonistic Pleasure" taken from the EP Arsonistic Pleasure
Imminent Psychosis on Bandcamp
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Lowfat (Thailand)
"コンドームとマッチ棒 (Condom and Matchstick)" taken from the album Hello, My Slaves!
Lowfat on Facebook
Lowfat - Hello, My Slaves! on Bandcamp

Да, Смерть! (Russia)
"Тинейджер" ("Teenagers") taken from the album По нашему бараку отбой
Да, Смерть! on Bandcamp

Milisi Kecoa (Indonesia)
"Milisi Kecoa" taken from the album Kalian Memang Menyedihkan!
Milisi Kecoa on Facebook
Milisi Kecoa Blog

Grasp of Dynamite (Indonesia)
"In Darkness We Alive" taken from the EP Satanica Krust Impera
Grasp of Dynamite on Facebook
Grasp of Dynamite on Soundcloud

Never Come Back (Indonesia)
"Bomb" taken from the album D-Beat Troopers
Never Come Back on Facebook

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