Sunday, December 7, 2014

Death Metal World Cup: Sinister vs Misery Index

The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
Misery Index
The Killing Gods

I’ve had a soft spot for Sinister ever since I heard “Diabolical Summoning” on a compilation back in high school. The band have had their ups and downs since then, their consistency hampered by constant line up and label problems. With original drummer Aad settling into his new role as frontman, and the members of Dutch death metal band Absurd Universe serving as his backing band, Sinister seem back on track and eager to make up for lost time. Strangely, the death metal world seems indifferent to the band’s latest efforts, despite the dogged (one might say blind) worship of all things “old school” going on. Which is a shame, because The Post Apocalyptic Servant is a fantastic album, finding a halfway point between Slayer and Morbid Angel and then speeding towards it without regard for the consequences.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 13 years since Misery Index first came out swinging with the Overthrow EP (and Jason Netherton was pioneering slam in Dying Fetus over a decade before that, making him a full-fledged Death Metal OG). Their latest album The Killing Path still has the high level of musicianship fans have come to expect, but sees the band slowing down their political death/grind to a mid-paced stomp. This more measured approach is growing on me, but it seems like a waste of drummer Adam Jarvis' talents to make him hold back like this.

THE MATCH UP: The lack of all out speed on The Killing Gods is disappointing, especially since I’m in desperate need of more bangers like “The Spectator” and “You Lose” to fuel my nightly runs. Honestly, I could go either way with this match, but I’m going to put a thumb on the scale and tip it to the flaying Dutchmen. Someone’s got to.

WINNER: Sinister

NEXT MATCH: Decapitated vs Vader