Thursday, December 18, 2014

By Request: Sludge Mixtape

My buddy Jef asked me for some sludge metal recommendations, based on this band; as is becoming my habit, I decided to make a compilation for him and upload it to Mixcloud. I'm not actually a huge sludge fan; going through my collection brought home the fact that too many bands rely on sloppy chord progressions and have no real knack for writing riffs. In that regard, Sea Bastard is head and shoulders above virtually everyone else in that scene.

I previously made Jef a Mixcloud compilation after we first met, and had a good laugh about the homophonic implications of the term "black gaze".

I make a damn good mixtape

UPDATE: Jef says "it's all a bit cleaner and tighter than what i was looking for." Looks like sloppy chord progressions would have been the way to go. Oh well.