Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mixtape 15: South East Asian Metal Attack II

Here is the 15th installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring an interview with Tom Banks of the Vietnamese death metal band Disgusted. I met Tom in 2012 when Disgusted played Kuala Lumpur; having been in a band and lived in South East Asia for roughly the same period I've been writing about it for this blog, I wanted to get his perspective on the scene, and what it means to be a metal fan here. Especially important to me were his experiences in Vietnam, a scene that's little known and much overlooked, even in this region.

I'd been planning on doing a second installment of South East Asian Metal Attack since the beginning of 2014, as there have been a number of important releases this year. Between my talk with Tom and the new stuff that's come out, it seemed like a good time to zoom out and look at South East Asia as a whole again. Besides, this is the era of sequels and reboots.

My thanks to Tom for taking the time to talk to me, and to all the bands who sent me music.


Disgusted (Vietnam) - Unleashed the Hatred
taken from the album Half Decade in Torture
Disgusted on Facebook
X-metal Group Vietnam on Facebook

Gaur (Malaysia) - Gayal
taken from the self-titled demo

Keladak (Malaysia) - Black Crows (EP Version)
taken from the EP Death By Karate
Keladak on Facebook
Noisemonger Records on Facebook

Death After Birth (Philippines) - The Other Side
taken from the upcoming Death After Birth/Surrogate Prey split from Berdugo Records
Berdugo Records on Facebook

Atomicdeath (Malaysia) - Hell Reign on Earth
taken from the Re-Atomation 7" (200 copies of 1st press is sold out; 2nd pressing will be out early next year.)

Succubus (Malaysia) - Necrotic Rites
taken from the Descend Unto Gehenna EP
Succubus on Facebook

Blood Legion (Malaysia) - Cathedral of Death
taken from the Dawn of the Pariahs cassette EP
Blood Legion on Facebook
Blood Legion on Reverbnation

Toxemia (Philippines) - Death Blood and Murder
previously unreleased (thanks Corix!!!)
Toxemia on Facebook

Pathogen (Philippines) - No System (Dead Ends cover)
taken from the upcoming compilation Salamat Sa Ingay: A Tribute to Dead Ends
Pathogen on Facebook

Throw (Philippines) - Baboy
taken from the album Stand
Throw on Facebook

Snäggletooth (Singapore) - First Class (featuring Mikey "HOGAN!" Thunder of Bloodstone)
previously unreleased (thanks Heryadi!!!)

Murio En El Caos (Mexico/Malaysia) - Lujo Sangre
taken from the EP PacĂ­fico

Maskburn (Sabah/Malaysia) - Violence
taken from the Life is Short cassette EP

Flesh Disgorged (Singapore) - Indulging in Fecal Debauchary
taken from the album A Pulchritudinous Macabre
A Pulchritudinous Macabre on Bandcamp
Flesh Disgorged on Facebook

Brutore (Vietnam) - Drugged and Dislimbed
taken from the EP Mantra of Mankind
Brutore on Facebook
X-metal Group Vietnam on Facebook

Tools of the Trade (Malaysia) - Convictions
Tools of the Trade (Malaysia) - Consumed
taken from the album Proclamation
Tools of the Trade on Facebook 

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