Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mixtape 10: Saint Vitus Detritus

Here is the tenth installment of the Dreams of Consciousness podcast, featuring a few interviews I did with bands I saw at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn this past May.

First up is Death Toll 80K from Finland, who I talked to the day after their very awesome (and very last minute) set at Saint Vitus. They took me through the circumstances that led to them subbing in for Hooded Menace.

Dan from Archagathus popped on the mic briefly to defend the honour of Terrorizer. I wish I could have gotten more of him, he was fantastically funny.

The last part of the podcast is an interview with Elis of Birdflesh and The Arson Project. I had met Elis previously when the Arson Project played KL in 2012; it was pretty bizarre running into him again in Brooklyn, so I had to snag him for an interview. Our talk took an awkward turn when I brought up the Indonesian leg of the Obscene Extreme Festival that Birdflesh played last year, which was plagued with problems. The interview got a little tense for a while, but I appreciated hearing his take on the whole kerfuffle.


Death Toll 80K

Burning Malls
taken from the Archagathus/Death Toll 80k split

Piss-stained Press
Profiting On Fear
Purchased Happiness
taken from the EP Harsh Realities

Death Toll 80K on Facebook
Death Toll 80K on Bandcamp


Ratatosk 2
Horrible Smell
Idiotic Public Figure
taken from the Archagathus/Death Toll 80k split

Archagathus on Bandcamp



Children of the Napalm
Orangutangled in Chaos
Countless Mayhem
taken from the Cirkus Kristus split EP with PLF

Birdflesh on Facebook

The Arson Project

Locust Swarm
Mentalt Avrätted
My Regret
taken from the Blood & Locusts EP

The Arson Project on Facebook


Chained and Dragged
taken from the album Raging Death

Entrails on Facebook

Limbs Bin

White Christ + Golden Sandwich + Thuggery
taken from the LIMBS BIN / SETE STAR SEPT split

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Limbs Bin on Bandcamp