Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mixtape 7: Borneo For Burning

Here it is, the seventh Dreams of Consciousness podcast, focusing on bands from the Eastern Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. The podcast features an interview I did on New Year's Eve with Kota Kinabalu's Maskburn, who were in KL to play Chaos in Rumah Api as well as a one-off show with Seattle's Endorphins Lost and Scotland's xSaxonx.

Our talk took us from the state of the metal and hardcore scenes in Eastern Malaysia, to the effect palm oil plantations are having on the environment in Borneo. It's a hot button issue here, since Malaysia is the second biggest producer of palm oil in the world, and the industry accounts for almost 6% of the GDP. A simple google search will show all the problems associated with palm oil production in this part of the world, but I recommend this wordpress site, which appeals to my pithy and muckraking sensibilities.


Perpetual - Deadworld
Perpetual - The Intruders (Kiram)
taken from the album Grind Your Mind

Bronco Buster - Revolt
Bronco Buster - Piss Off Paper
taken from the Grind The Strait EP
Bronco Buster - Freedom
taken from the Freedom single

13 - Dying Is A Disease
13 - Systematic Lunacy
taken from the 13/BADXPIT split

BADXPIT - Citizen Cold
BADXPIT - Living A Lie
taken from the 13/BADXPIT split

XRDM - Self Dependable
XRDM - Wild Cat
taken from the 2013 demo
XRDM on Facebook

Dance On Your Grave - Paper Guns
taken from the Paper Guns EP

Mavis Dirty Project - Punk Sensasi
taken from the Stop This Discrimination EP

Maskburn - Deforestation
taken from the Life is Short EP

Deathevoker - Towards Nothingness
taken from the Towards Nothingness EP

Mortuary Ancestor - Mist Of Darkness
taken from the album Doctrine Of Hatred