Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To Speak The Truth With Tongues of Flame

Pentekost is here. The playing is pretty sloppy and my friend Josh described the recording as "like playing through a sewer tunnel" (I took that as praise), but I did live up to the promise I made to myself to have a 5 song demo online, even if I didn't quite have all the songs up by the end of 2013. Sometime this month I plan on going into the studio and doing some vocals.

I have another six songs finished, and probably three or four in an incomplete state. Some of these songs are incredibly old; at least two of them were written in 2002 for the band I had in college. I don't think anyone has heard any of them. I realized recently that I didn't want to die with these songs stuck in my head, so that was the impetus to record them and put them out there as quickly as possible. I'm hoping to get the drum programming and recording done for the rest of the completed songs done by February.