Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Making Friends, starring my Napalm Death hoodie [Volume IV]

It's been a while since my Napalm Death hoodie caused a stir in a supermarket - not since my last visit to Costco in fact. But here's what happened last Monday when I was in the Philippines:

Big Dude pushing a shopping cart: "Nice hoodie."
Me: "Thanks. You a fan?"
Big Dude: "Yeah, I saw them back in 2006."
Me: "Nice. Whereabouts?"
Big Dude: "Minnesota. I asked Barney what he did for work; he said 'Napalm Death is my job.' I said, 'Yeah, but do you have a real job?' "

I love you, sweatshirt. I may even write a song that says just that.