Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rocket Fueled (feat. King Diamond)

One of the best bits of editing I've ever done happened over the week-end when I realized that Heavy Cream's "Stiff Lick" ends with the same riff as "Come to the Sabbath" by Mercyful Fate. I was literally giddy with excitement over how well it came together (it happens at about 24:00). My next favourite part is the audio of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force scatting "The Ocean" then leading in to the actual Zep version. [I cut out the cheesy bar blues ending; the song should end the way it is here, in my opinion].

Other than that, this mixtape was just an excuse to go through some of the garage rock/proto-punk I've been filing away for years and hardly listening to. I'm not particularly
a fan of the style, but I do enjoy it when it gets fast/loud/dirty enough. 

I've seen a few of these bands live: Hellacopters in 1998 (I showed up in my Entombed shirt and got Nicke Andersson to sign my copy of Clandestine); Supersuckers in 2000 (opening up for Nashville Pussy, who they blew off the stage); Heavy Cream in 2010 (they opened for my friends' band Japanther); and Waranimal with Barn Burner in early 2011. 

25 Suaves was a two-piece from Michigan that I saw in London when I was visiting in 2003. I liked their heavy, driving take on the style - no fluff, just aggression - and so bought their first album. According to their Facebook page, their biggest influences were Motörhead, Discharge and Carcass. I don't think they're still active, but they've made both their albums available to download for free:

I Want It Loud