Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chaos in Rumah Api: A Three Day Hardcore Fest in Words and Pics

The elaborate wristband system for the three day festival. I think they gave up on it by the end of day two.

Snäggletooth was the main reason I showed up for the first day. I wanted to thank
them in person for giving me an unreleased song for my Singapore podcast.

Deck had a compulsion to kill his kick drum/pedal in the middle of Mass Separation's set. Didn't stop playing til the song was over, because he's a pro and a beast. A beast pro.

...I was asked to take this photo for some reason.
The extremely technical mixing board set up.
Some of these kids were sleeping outside the venue. Didn't seem bothered by the heat or the bugs. Booze helped, I think.

Yuss from Tools of the Trade was working the outdoor fry station all day.
Somehow managed to not get cigarette ash in anyone's food.
This kid was part of the entourage of the Korean band Scum Raid, and took video of everything.
I wonder how much footage there is of me glaring at crowd surfers and then laughing when they fell on their heads.

Saturday belonged to Crutches. Fun fact: they had an actual crutch with them.

Kerry from Atomicdeath was picked up (against his will) and carried around during Crutches' set.
This one random white dude (with the red shirt) seemed to exist only to jump on the backs of band members while they played. I will judo throw any idiot who does that to me at a gig (and have).

Nobeat from XCrimesceneX was the MC/announcer. He's wearing the Proletar shirt I bought when I saw them last year, which is about 2 sizes to small for me (and still somehow a Malaysian "large"). I told Nobeat I'd trade it for a Crimescene shirt.

xSaxonx are a UK punk band who share a name with a famous metal band, and didn't seem to know (or care). They dedicated a song to kids wearing denim vests, before realizing that there were only a few in attendance. And for some reason they played both Saturday and Sunday. Just baffling.

I don't think I've seen W.I.D.B. play with the same line-up twice, but one thing never changes: That gorilla mask is awesome.

There were lots of kids running around outside Sunday afternoon.

I was asked to take this photo for some reason, and my auto-focus rebelled. The dude in the background wasn't supposed to be in the picture, but he decided to pose like he was, and I thought that was funny so kept him in the shot.

Tiong from Tools played drums for this band, which may or may not be called Reconstruction. At this point in the game, four bands is really all I can handle in a single day. Drained by the humidity and a line-up of mostly interchangeable hardcore bands (not to mention the shock of watching Anderson Silva break his leg earlier in the day), I decided I would call it quits after Scum Raid played.

Love and rockers. This is my favourite photo from the entire week-end. Just adorable.

For some reason my photos went all soft-focus for Scum Raid's drummer. Maybe it was because Rumah Api was disgustingly humid by that point, or maybe she just has that effect on cameras.

This Japanese lady fascinated me. She looked like somebody's mom but was super into the fest. Who was she? Why was she here? How did she find out about Chaos in Rumah Api? I asked all these questions and am still no closer to knowing the answers. [PS: That Carcass shirt is fucking amazing.] was that kind of weekend.