Friday, November 15, 2013

Disconnected (Again)

My Macbook had to be sent to the shop again last week - because of course it did. Nothing good ever happens here. It started acting up the week-end after Halloween and I was just waiting for the constant grey screens to become permanent before I sent it in to get looked at. Before that happened, though, I was hoping to make a dent on the backlog of posts that I have, as well as put up some new Bandcamp Picks. No such luck. On the plus side, at least I was able to finish my Horrorfest and Devil's Night mixtape before my computer died. Actually, come to think of it, that was probably what killed it.

The techs weren't able to tell me why the logicboard/video card had to be replaced twice in the last 3 months, though in addition to replacing the defective parts, they were nice enough to clean the screen and keyboard. Sending my laptop  in with coffee stains all over it was tantamount to showing up at a police station with blood on my clothes: No one's going to believe me when I proclaim myself innocent of any wrongdoing.

If I was still in NY, I don't think I'd even miss my computer. But there's very little to do here that isn't eating or shopping, and even fewer options of people to do anything with, so I'm left to my own antisocial devices. The last time my computer was being fixed I spent most of the time listening to podcasts, playing the crappy game on my crappy phone, and trying to finish Metalion's Slayer Mag Diaries. And then I watched the documentary about Jason Becker and his battle with ALS, which made me feel like a bad person, so I promised myself I would work on my demo ...right after finishing the last season of Breaking Bad.

This past week I've been playing guitar six hours a day, which is more than I played in the last 12 months combined. I think my neighbours are getting to intimately know and hate my HM-2 pedal. Getting my chops back - should be in good shape to start recording a rough demo soon.

Pentekost is coming. Fear it.