Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mixtape 5: Screamapore

Here's the fifth Dreams of Consciousness "mixtape", featuring our friends from across the causeway in Singapore. This podcast features an interview with my buddies Bloodstone, which I recorded in March when I saw them play the Home Club in Singapore with Wormrot, Hell and Hell, and Demisor. Bloodstone are all really smart and funny guys, and the interview was one of the most fun I've ever done. I meant to transcribe the recording as soon as I got home, but kept putting it off... half a year later, here it finally is.

Thanks to all the bands for their help in putting together this podcast, and special thanks to Alex Dela Cruz of In Dark Purity Zine for his recommendations.


Demisor - Point of Anger
Taken from the album Grind for Life
Demisor on Facebook
Demisor on Bandcamp

Magnicide - Black Veins
Taken from the Black Hole Of Calcutta / Magnicide split EP
Purchase the split here
Magnicide on Facebook

Truth Be Known - World of Hate
Taken from the album Asphyxihate
Truth Be Known on Facebook
Truth Be Known on Bandcamp

Snäggletooth - Wasteland Dreams
Unreleased track
Snäggletooth on Blogspot
Snäggletooth on Bandcamp

Blood Division - Hellhounds
Taken from the album Necrordnance
Blood Division on Facebook
Blood Division on Bandcamp

Oshiego - Blade of the Conqueror
Taken from the album The Heretic Priests of Amon
Oshiego on Facebook
Oshiego on Bandcamp

Helvette - Purging of the Worthless
Taken from the album Purging of the Worthless
Helvette on Facebook
Helvette on Bandcamp

Absence of the Sacred - Dawn Of A Dead Aeon [featuring Rigel Walshe (Dawn of Azazel) on guest vocals]
Taken from the album Come Hither O Herald Of Death
Absence of the Sacred on Facebook
Absence of the Sacred on Bandcamp

Bloodstone - The Final Hour
Taken from the split EP Hellish Nuclear Destruction
Bloodstone on Facebook