Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mixtape # 4: Siam Hell

This is the Thai metal podcast, which was supposed to come out way back in December of last year (I don't know what to say about that, except my apologies to all the bands who sent me music and were wondering what happened with this. But it's out now, only 8 months later). This is the culmination of my Bangkok trip  last year, when I met "M" (the mysterious man I know only as "M") at his Heaven and Hell Record Shop in Jatujak Market. My thanks again to "M" for his time and his knowledge. 


Dei Tetra - Adversary of the Rotten Christ
taken  from the EP Devotees to Flames (2012)
Dei Tetra on Facebook

Macaroni - Bloody Power
taken from the album A Gift for Corpse (2012)

Macaroni - หลับฝันร้าย (Nightmares)
taken from the album Cremation (1996)
Macaroni on Facebook 

Anubis - Baptism
taken from the compilation Metal Farm Vol. 4 (2007)

Heretic Angels - Immoral Vice
taken from the album Delicious Sinistery (2002)
Heretic Angels on Facebook

Zygoatsis - Supreme Hatred Of The Antichrist
taken from the split EP Siamese Barbaric Nuclear Warmageddon (2011)
Zygoatsis on Facebook

Voiceless of Fear - In the Eyes of the Child
preproduction track from the upcoming album
Voiceless of Fear on Facebook

Remains - Siamese Thrashing Terror
taken from the cassette Demo Tape # 2 (2012)
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