Friday, June 28, 2013

Mixtape 2: Malaysia

The much promised, even much more delayed second DoC Mixtape, this time focusing on bands from Malaysia. My buddy Mike stopped by while I was in Queens and helped me discuss the Malaysian metal scene. 

Metal Mike in the flesh
Atomicdeath - Forever Black Hell
Taken from the Hellish Nuclear Destruction split CD

Sarjan Hassan - Play Fast or Die/Do It Yourself Not Means Do It Crappy But Do It Properly
Taken from the RE-DEFINING DIY Split Tape with Daighila
Sarjan Hassan on Facebook

Tools of the Trade - Suffocate
Taken from the Tools of the Trade/Busuk Split CD

Taken from the Selfish Achiever Demo

Sickness - Post Autopsy Decomposition
Taken from the album Necrosymphonies of Necropsy

W.I.D.B. - Lapar
Taken from the album Velcum to Penice
W.I.D.B What Is De Because on Facebook

Lavatory - Raise The Dead!
Taken from the album Transgression

Succubus - Evil Heart (Ruthless Attack)
Taken from the album Sadistic Rites of Evil
Succubus on Facebook