Friday, May 3, 2013

Postmortem: 10 Songs by Jeff Hanneman, for Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman died yesterday. I'm still in shock. Though he's often overshadowed by Kerry King in the media, he's considered by many Slayer fans to be the stronger of Slayer's two guitarist/songwriters. I was lucky enough to see Slayer four times; I'm grateful that at least two of those concerts was with the classic line-up, and all four were with Hanneman. I'm sure the band will keep going after this (though Tom Araya has been hinting for years that he definitely sees an end in sight), but it just won't be the same without Hanneman. The metal world has lost a giant, a fearless pioneer who helped tear metal from its primordial rock-based state and hammered it into the unrelenting, uncompromising, terrifying form we recognize today. His impact will always be felt, and his importance will never be forgotten. RIP.