Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bandcamp Picks, Season of Mist Edition: Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Koldbrann, Complete Failure

French label Season of Mist, home to some of the most important metal bands in the world, shows no sign of ditching Bandcamp as a platform for promoting and releasing their artists. All their releases are available as digital downloads for $9.99.

Beloved Greek black metal institution Rotting Christ have a new album, KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY ("True to one's own spirit" apparently, though Google Translate offers the amusing alternative, "According to the self demons"). It's solidly in the style that Rotting Christ have worked in since the Genesis album, filled with glottal chanting, thrashy speed, and gothic melodies. Something for both longtime fans and those new to Rotting Christ's unique take on the genre.

Season of Mist is also the home of Greece's other beloved black metal institution, Septicflesh, and have recently re-issued their seminal debut Mystic Places of Dawn from 1994. Remastered and packaged together with Septicflesh's debut EP Temple of the Lost Race, it's essential listening for anyone whose knowledge of black metal history begins and ends with Norway. 

Speaking of Norway, Koldbrann have been turning a lot of heads with their newest album Vertigo. Satyricon and their recent flirtations with garage punk are the most obvious reference point, but to these ears Koldbrann are much more interesting. Black and frostbitten, these guys are definitely still dancing with the ones who brung them to the party. The death of True Norwegian Black Metal has been greatly exaggerated.

Pittsburgh's Complete Failure traffic in vein-popping power violence akin to Nails and Misery Index. The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault is their first album for Season of Mist, and their first since self-releasing their last album Heal No Evil, which the band made available as a free download. Said Complete Failure as they recorded these ten tracks of blind seething rage: "It will be the very fastest hardcore album of all time. Hands down. Money back guarantee." Woe to the fickle consumer who dares take them up on that.

Dreams of Consciousness always dances with the ones that brung them. See for yourself.