Sunday, December 9, 2012

KL Thrashed: Bahasa Melayu Edition

A Malay version of my KL Thrashed post appears in the new issue of Darahhead Metalzine. I can't vouch for the quality of the translation - I've never written "jejeje" in my life - but I'm still kind of stoked on it.

My grasp of the Malay language is tenuous, so I can't tell how much of what I was trying to convey survived the translation. I'm going to have to look for someone to tell me what it says ASAP, as I have a feeling the next time I'm at a gig I'll be asked to explain myself to someone who read this version and not the original. Then again, maybe plausible deniability is the way to go. Especially since the article is credited to "Mr. Adrian Camoens from Singapore," a gentleman who no one has ever met. We may never find you, and we should probably all stop looking. But one thing's for sure… you do exist.

My writing is so in-joke and wordplay heavy, that I don't really see how any of it could be translated to another language. Then again, my experience here in South East Asia is that people rarely know what the hell I'm talking about anyways, so maybe I should just go with it. Wizard of Awesome: Published Author (well, xeroxed in large quantities anyways). It's probably not ending up in the NYPL special collection, but it's not bad either.