Friday, November 23, 2012

Running on Misery: Five Misery Index songs you need on your running playlist


 We Never Come in Peace

Technically an intro and not a song, but it gets me psyched and ready to work.

The Spectator

The perfect running song. I've lost count of how many times I've hit the wall, considered calling it quits, when this song ratcheted me back up to 10. For an extra thrill, try listening to this while running downhill.

You Lose

The other "anthem" from MI's excellent Heirs to Theivery, I'm always in danger of hurting myself when this comes on. 

The Arbiter

When Jason starts chanting "Put up your fists," it's not hard to imagine he's actually screaming "Pick up the pace!" like the world's gnarliest drill sergeant.

Dead Shall Rise

Okay, Misery Index didn't write this; but I dare you to listen to the Terrorizer cover from their debut EP Overthrow and not want to trample everyone in front of you.